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Our Philosophy


Provenance is at the heart of everything we do at Mikos. Since being inspired by the pop’n’son Gyros Grills from Melbourne, we have been working hard to build a respected, high quality fast-casual Greek brand that delivers affordable, delicious food. We opened our first location in London in 2017 and have remained committed to our high standards since!

We are proud to be Mikos


We are passionate about creating feel-good food without any of the fuss. Our menu is focused on a specific selection of simple Greek classics, ensuring the best quality ingredients. For example, our double-fried skin-on chips are seasoned with oregano from the peloponnese hills in Greece and our signature sauces are made fresh, in-house every day.

We are proud to be Mikos


From our pitas to our chips and our home-made dips, we take pride in the ‘craveability’ of our menu. All of our food is simple, delicious and more-ish from the first bite. Whether in our freshly sliced gyros, the locally sourced potatoes for our chips or our tzatziki made in-store, customers can trust that their food is the best it can be.

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